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In 2002 ISO started with the development and supply of machinery for protected horticulture.

About us

Our experts use their technically advanced knowledge to automate the most difficult processes, in collaboration with our customers. We strive to establish long-term relationships with customers by constantly developing cleverly designed machines and providing excellent service.

Mission statement ISO:
Everything we do, we do with care for each other and our environment. We are convinced that with our activities and passion we contribute to happiness. We realize that our machines are made and used by people and that is why we put them at the center of everything.

Vision ISO:
In the international horticultural sector, we want to be the innovative machine builder that always provides added value for customers and with partners in a socially responsible manner. We grow by always learning, innovating and staying ambitious.’

"At ISO we grow by learning, innovating and staying ambitious"


    What we do

    ISO is a supplier of industrial machinery for protected horticulture in a growing number of countries. We have developed several products for labour-intensive tasks in horticulture that you will find under the ‘Products’ heading.

    If the product you need is not listed, please contact us without obligation to discuss how we can develop a solution for you. Indeed, this is the way we work at ISO: we always develop solutions in cooperation with our customers.

    It is through this collaboration that we have developed such impressive machines, for grafting and cutting planting for instance. To our customers’ full satisfaction. We are extremely proud of all this.

    How we think

    ISO takes on challenges in a slightly different way from others. For us, the customer comes first. The customer’s production process is the driver for our automation solutions. We incorporate that with our knowledge of industrial solutions.

    As a result, we have developed effective machines fitted with robotics which take up less space, are scalable and have lower maintenance costs


    Our ambition

    Our ambition is to be a leading company which, together with customers, develops innovative products and serves the global market. We want to help our customers to get better at what they already do well by putting our knowledge and experience at their service.

    Our partner Robovision

    Within a lot of machines of ISO vision technique plays an important role.

    Robovision is the exclusive partner for vision and artifilcial Intelligence techniques within the horticultural sector of ISO. Since 2008 ISO develops together with Robovision machines and solutions for the horticultural sector.

    More information about Robovision you can find on: www.robovision.ai 


    What can we do for you?

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