We are ISO Horti Innovators.
We understand robotics and growers.

In an industry where margins are under pressure and labour keeps driving up the cost of your crop, as a grower you want to keep control of your cultivation as well as the result. For a healthy future of your company. At the same time, you don’t want to have to turn everything upside down. Your cultivation is your process. With your insights and experiences, optimised over the years down to the last decimal point. We understand that. Because we are not just automation experts, we are ISO Horti Innovators. And we pair in-depth knowledge of industrial automation technology with a deep connection to greenhouse and open-field horticulture. In other words: we understand both robots and growers.

Robots that breathe horticulture

We are rooted in horticulture. This makes us think alike. We share the same mindset. We have our heads in automation, but our feet in the soil. Or substrate. This means we know exactly what is going on in your greenhouse and we are always looking for solutions to real problems and new opportunities. This helps us develop the right technology to automate even the most challenging processes. We have, in fact, been working on robotics, vision, and AI since 2012. And we will apply this to processes within your crop. Always from a shared perspective.

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Better in labour, efficiency and quality

Based on our background, we develop, supply and implement industrial machines for greenhouse and open-field horticulture. Technical innovations to reduce labour costs, improve working conditions, produce more efficiently and increase quality. For example, innovations to fully automate cuttings and grafting. In the Netherlands and the rest of the world. But we don't do this on our own; we work in close collaboration with growers, as well as with partners, like Robovision. By doing so, we aim to integrate vision and AI technology and make it accessible. Impressive, self-thinking machines that ensure robots can be permanently used to perform tasks we once thought would be impossible.

On top of your process

We know better than anyone that professional growing means that everything is connected. And that a small change in that process can have big consequences. That is why it is very important to take the entire context of a crop into account, including the existing infrastructure. Even if it does not show up on a schematic diagram; we take everything into account. And that is reflected in everything. Whether it is in our advice, our innovative systems, or in our practical guidance and technical support. Because we are also well aware that no matter how smart and attractive the front end is, you just want to be able to rely on a comprehensive process with no surprises.


Innovate together, improve together

Call us professional geeks, but we take innovation extremely seriously. That is why we innovate with proven technology. We believe in co-creatorship and involve growers in validating innovations. This profound engagement is embedded in everything we do. From innovation to implementation. And far beyond. Take it from us, we won’t go home until everything works. And after we have ironed out all the bumps that are bound to pop up in a process like that. So that you can get going quickly. And immediately experience the effect of automation.

Our partner Robovision

Vision technology plays an important role in many ISO machines.

Robovision is ISO’s exclusive partner for vision and AI technology for the horticulture sector. Together with Robovision, ISO has been developing machines for the sector since 2008.

For more information about Robovision, please visit: www.robovision.ai 


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