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ISO has been an innovative company since it was founded in 2002.

This is not only noticed by the grower who appreciates the machines of ISO in daily use and in the process of growing flowers and plants, but also by organizations and trade fairs that appreciate ISO for the innovative strength of the new machines brought to the market by ISO.

Since the start of the GreenTech in 2014, the machines have been nominated by the jury for the GreenTech Innovation Award at every edition of the GreenTech. But ISO is also appreciated across borders for the innovative machines that are produced.

Below you will find an overview of the 7 machines of ISO that have been appreciated over the years by the various juries of the GreenTech but also by magazines with an award or nomination for the unique technology that ISO applies in its machines.

Wendbaarheidsprijs 2022

ISO Group number 50 in Hillenraad100 and winner Wendbaarheidsprijs

On Friday November 4, the Hillenraad100 was announced in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag; the list of the hundred most leading companies in Dutch (greenhouse) horticulture. ISO can call itself the number 50 of the Hillenraad100 edition 2022. In addition, ISO received one of three theme awards; the Agility Award.

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