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The creation of new beginnings

In a cultivation process where everything is interconnected, every phase is important. But it is perhaps the first phase that has the most impact. The start of cultivation, the planting of cuttings. This is where it all begins. So this is where you can make the difference. Obviously by the quality of the cutting, but also by the planting of the cutting. This is why many growers have already chosen the Cutting Planter 2500. The automatic cutting planter robot which, using sustainable techniques such as vision and AI, ensures that each cutting is planted uniformly, incredibly fast and with supreme accuracy. In any pot or tray. The creation of new beginnings.

A grip on the process

In our industry, we often hear, "why change anything if manual planting works just fine?" We understand that. And yet, planting cuttings can be done much more efficiently. And with much more certainty and continuity. By successfully applying proven, innovative technology to your process. The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 takes the work out of your hands. Literally. With planting speeds of more than 2,500 cuttings per hour, you can reduce labour costs, produce more efficiently and increase quality.

We also understand that your process must be continuous and that you cannot afford any unexpected setbacks. There is no room for mistakes. That is why we only work with cultivator-proven technology and keep a close eye on everything when we install our machines. We are mindful of the entirety of your cultivation process, including the existing infrastructure. So take it from us, we don't go home until everything works.

ISO Cutting Planter 2500 in practice

The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 works as revolutionarily as it is effective. Based on self-learning vision software, the robot selects the cuttings and plants each one equally deep. This creates perfect uniformity in the planting result. In the process, the cuttings do not need to be pre-selected. In this way, each machine can process more than 2,500 cuttings per hour. You can also simply keep working with the trays or pots you are currently working with. The machine is easy to adjust to these different formats. Even different patterns and pot sizes can be used. And in terms of labour costs, the simple controls allow one person to keep up to seven machines working at any given time.

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Easy to operate

We have developed our machines especially for the professional cultivator. In doing so, we always take the cultivator, the cuttings material and the desired working method as our starting point. No matter how complex the technology in the machines is, the operation must be as easy as possible. Efficiency therefore always goes hand in hand with ease of operation. This is also the case with the ISO Cutting Planter 2500. The machine is very easy to operate. This allows you to train the machine yourself to plant new cuttings and therefore improve the planting result.

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Increased productivity per employee

By integrating the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 into your process, you can count on a guaranteed number of cuttings planted per day. All of them in exactly the right place and at exactly the right depth. In comparison: on average, the machine plants cuttings two to three times faster than one person does by hand. And when you also consider that one person can operate up to seven machines at once, you cannot help but conclude that the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 is very cost-effective. A machine that greatly increases your productivity and production capacity.

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Flexibility through wide applicability

The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 is widely applicable. This is because of the diversity of crops it can handle, but also because of the practical possibilities. As a result, the machine is easy to integrate into your process. No matter what you grow. For example, the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 is suitable for cuttings of many types of young plants. This enables you to set it and train it yourself. New species and varieties, for example. But also how deep cuttings are planted, where the cuttings are grabbed or which trays or pots you work with. And the number of machines can easily be expanded or combined with manual planting lines. The choice is yours.

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Proven, innovative technology

The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 is packed with proven, technical innovations. For example, the machine features self-learning vision software that selects cuttings and ensures that they are planted at precisely the same depth.

The machine also features a vibrating conveyor belt, optionally supplemented with a singulator, which automatically separates the cuttings. In addition, the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 is equipped with unique gripper technology. Together, we choose the right gripper to grab the cutting in the best possible way without causing damage. Due to a patented technique, the gripper then ensures that your cuttings are carefully planted. This results in less stem breakage, creates a good connection with the soil and ensures optimal root formation. Engineering the perfect crop.

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The Advantages

Advantages of the ISO Cutting Planter 2500

  • Automatic planting of cuttings from a variety of crops
  • Capacity of more than 2,500 cuttings per hour
  • Automatic separation of cuttings
  • Consistent, high quality and uniform planting depth
  • Easy to operate, set up and train
  • Suitable for loose soil, paper pots and peat moss
  • Adjustable to your pots and trays
  • Scalable for higher capacity

Test your cuttings in our demo space

Want to know if the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 fits in your process? Try it out in our dedicated demo space in Gameren. Together, we will test your cuttings, trays or pots and find the ideal way of planting for your product.

What our customers say

“With our 30 ISO Cutting Planter 2500 machines, we will soon achieve one billion cuttings.”

Edwin Kodde

- Florensis
The Netherlands

“With the ISO Cutting Planter 2500, we are perfectly capable of handling seasonal peaks!”

Art van Wingerden

- Metrolina Greenhouses

“The ISO Cutting and TransPlanter gives us the ability to grow as a company!”

David Nieburg

- Country Herbs

“With our ISO Cutting Planter 2500, we plant a wide variety of products from bedding plants to herbs!”

- Hishtil

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