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Green light for affordable tomato harvesting

Anyone working with tomatoes knows that harvesting them is a delicate, labor-intensive, and expensive process. Such a fragile crop as the tomato demands the attention and care of people. Meanwhile, labor is becoming increasingly scarce, and the need for efficiency is growing. Quite the challenge. What if there were a machine on the market that could take over the harvesting and keep it affordable? ISO Horti Innovators introduces the ISO Harvesting Robot: a unique, automatic tomato harvesting machine for greenhouses. With deep learning technology for consistent assessment and selection of tomatoes and robots with the precision of human hands. For the fastest and best-harvested tomato with a positive result.

Automated from cutting to harvesting

ISO Horti Innovators believes in automating the key phases in tomato cultivation to provide solutions to the challenges every grower faces. We have already developed machines for automatic cutting and grafting, and now for perhaps the most challenging phase: harvesting. The ISO Harvesting Robot is the solution to labor shortages, the need for more precise harvesting, cost reduction, and reducing the spread of diseases. How? By integrating the latest innovative techniques and smart AI software into your cultivation process. To harvest automatically, quickly, and accurately, making it easier to respond to the demand for tomatoes.

How does the ISO Harvesting Robot work?

The ISO Harvesting Robot is a machine that precisely understands how tomatoes should be harvested. And it can execute it accordingly. Alongside self-learning Vision AI software for careful selection and choice of the cluster, the machine is equipped with unique cutting and power supply technologies. So that the clusters can be cut smarter and better, and the machine is not dependent on batteries. 

One operator can manage up to five machines. The operator sets the desired ripeness, and then the machine, using a logistical, modular module with empty crates, enters the rows. Vision AI software detects and selects the ripe clusters on both the left and right sides of the row, and the robots, with their advanced cutting technique, cut the clusters at the best possible angle. The clusters are then placed in the crates, and the full crates can be easily removed at the end of the row.

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High capacity

The ISO Harvesting Robot stands out for its harvesting speed. The cycle times are very short, resulting in a high capacity per hour. This, combined with the accuracy and precision with which the ISO Harvesting Robot operates, results in a significant step in capacity and efficiency. This also contributes to a very short payback period of three to four years.

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High success rate

The ISO Harvesting Robot has a very high success rate. This is partly due to the addition of Vision AI software with deep learning technology, which allows the machine to better recognize the shape and ripeness of the tomatoes and adjust its movements accordingly. Through deep learning, the success rate will continue to increase. Additionally, the high percentage is thanks to the innovative and patented technologies integrated into the machine.

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More active cultivation and harvesting

With the ISO Harvesting Robot, you can manage based on data. Which clusters can be harvested? And when? The machine provides you with valuable information to cultivate more actively and respond better to the demand for tomatoes. Is demand high? Then you can act immediately and set the machine accordingly. With the ISO Harvesting Robot, you have the tools to better oversee and use technological advancements to manage the harvest more efficiently.

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Reduction of disease spread

The ISO Harvesting Robot allows you to work hygienically and significantly reduce the spread of diseases. Since the machine does the work, far fewer people come into contact with the plants, automatically lowering the risk of transmission. Additionally, the ISO Harvesting Robot features an integrated disinfection function that can disinfect the cutting mechanism at an interval you set yourself. For higher production and yield.

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The Advantages

Advantages of the ISO Harvesting Robot

  • Automatic harvesting of tomatoes
  • High capacity
  • One operator can manage up to five machines
  • High success rate
  • Automatic selection by Vision AI software
  • Advanced techniques
  • Significant labor savings
  • Higher yield

Harvesting with tomorrow's technology

With the advent of the ISO Harvesting Robot, we are taking the next step in fully automating tomato cultivation. And we offer a solution for the final phase of that process: harvesting. We are currently finalizing the perfection of the machine, but we expect the first machines to be fully operational in the Netherlands around the summer of 2025. Want to know if the ISO Harvesting Robot can dramatically improve your harvesting method? Contact us.

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Contact us

If you would like more information about this machine, please feel free to contact us via the contact form or call +31 (0) 418 552 735.

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