ISO High Speed Grafter

Clear the way for resilient plants

Every year, 10 billion plants are grafted worldwide. This labor-intensive process demands extreme precision while labor is becoming increasingly scarce. Additionally, the horticulture industry faces strict regulations, increasing the need for resistant plants. ISO Horti Innovators addresses these developments with the High Speed Grafter: the world’s first fully automated grafting machine. Vision AI technology and robots together deliver up to 4,000 plants per hour! With consistent quality and higher yield.

Grafting made accessible for everyone

To graft or not to graft? That is a question many growers ponder. The benefits of grafting are clear: it makes plants and trees resistant to diseases, enhances growth, and strengthens root systems. Grafted plants and trees can often support more stems and/or fruits, absorb more CO2, continue growing longer, and require less water. You’d think it’s a no-brainer! However, due to the labor-intensive, precise, and thus costly process, many growers hesitate. Until now. With the arrival of the High Speed Grafter, robots and Vision AI software take over the work. Fully automatic.

Automatic upgrade in quality

The ISO High Speed Grafter can be called a true revolution in grafting. Where human hands and decisions were previously needed, this process is now fully automated. Operated by just one person, the machine can deliver up to 4,000 plants per hour, all of consistent, high quality.

The rootstocks and scions are automatically fed into the machine. Vision AI technology ensures careful selection; cameras inspect the plants for size, height, and broken stems. Only the selected plants proceed and are simultaneously cut and joined with a lightweight clip. The grafted plants are then scanned again for grafting quality. Where people used to handle all these tasks, AI and robots now take over, resulting in much higher quality finishing and stronger plants.

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Up to 4,000 grafted plants per hour

The ISO High Speed Grafter lives up to its name. The speed at which the machine can automatically graft is astounding. Without any human intervention, the ISO High Speed Grafter can deliver up to 4,000 grafted plants per hour. Each one of consistent, high quality. With these speeds, it’s clear that productivity and production capacity increase significantly. And all of it is fully automatic.

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AI and robots do the work

The ISO High Speed Grafter features the latest techniques and employs AI for the grafting process. Self-learning Vision AI software checks and selects only the best plants. Before grafting: which rootstocks and scions go into the machine? And after grafting: what is the quality of the grafted plants? AI makes these decisions. And robots do the rest. The precise process of grafting cannot be done more accurately. To create the perfectly grafted plant.

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Easily operated by just one person

The ISO High Speed Grafter was developed in close collaboration with growers. This is evident in how the machine is designed. Ease of use is an important point. Just one operator can effortlessly manage the process. Techniques have also been added to minimize downtime. The cutting blades can be easily and quickly replaced. Because only one operator runs the machine, the labor cost savings are substantial.

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Higher quality and stronger, consistent plants

We graft to get stronger, resistant plants and thus improve quality and production. But the ISO High Speed Grafter goes much further than that. The machine also adds consistency. Because the process is fully automatic and done with AI, the output of the grafted plants is uniform and all of high quality. Each new grafted plant forms the basis for a robust crop that can handle challenges.

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The Advantages

The advantages of the ISO High Speed Grafter

  • Automatic grafting of various crops
  • Capacity of 4,000 grafted plants per hour
  • Operated by just one person
  • Consistent and high-quality grafted plants
  • Automatic selection by Vision AI software
  • Significant labor savings
  • Higher yield

Ready for multiple crops

The ISO High Speed Grafter has been extensively tested and implemented in tomato cultivation, but it can also be used in the future for other crops like peppers. Even grafting trees is a possibility. Want to know if the ISO High Speed Grafter can be used for your crop? Contact us.

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Contact us

If you would like more information about this machine, please feel free to contact us via the contact form or call +31 (0) 418 552 735.

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