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Automation of labour-intensive tasks within the international horticultural sector.

ISO Cutting Planter 2500

The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 is the last generation automatic cutting planter by ISO.

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ISO Bulb Planting System

The ISO Bulb Planting System is a system that helps the tulip grower automate the planting of bulbs.

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ISO Grade 8000

The ISO Grade 8000 is the newest grading machine by ISO.

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ISO Cutting and Planting 1800

The ISO Cutting and Planting 1800 automates the process of cutting rose cuttings from a rose branch and sticking the cuttings in the pot in one handling.

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ISO Robot Plug Planting machine

The ISO Robot Plug Planting machine is a machine for planting of small plant plugs from out of a seedling tray directly into the ground.

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PBF HiRes ISO Group Cutting Planter 4000 3 (1)

ISO Cutting Planter 4000

After the ISO Cutting Planter 4000 introduced in 2009, there is a newly designed ISO Cutting Planter 4000 available since 2021.

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ISO Graft Semi 1500

The grafting process is a difficult and delicate process when growing young (vegetable) plants.

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ISO Vision Planter

The ISO Vision Planter is a machine which is able to transplant and fix in one operation.

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ISO PlantSampler

The ISO PlantSampler automates the gathering of DNA material.

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ISO Grade 7000

Automatic sorting of young plants at your fingertips with the ISO grading machine.

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