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ISO Grade 8000

The ISO Grade 8000 is the newest grading machine by ISO.


ISO Grade 8000

The ISO Grade 8000 is the newest grading machine by ISO. The ISO Grade 8000 machine is a machine with the newest vision technologies for optimal grading possibilities.

The vision that is used inside the machine is based on AI and 3D technology. With this technology there are more possibilities for grading your plants.

The machine grades every plant individually. The young plants are picked out of a tray and placed into a rail where each plug with a plant is placed into a separate holder. Each plant is guided through a camera cabinet where multiple cameras are placed to make a full 3D image of the young plant. The 3D image is generated with AI technology powered by Robovision. This will give you as a grower more possibilities for grading your plants.

Based on the settings you as a grower can adjust the settings on how the plants will be placed back into the trays. Based on customer specific wishes the machine can be designed with 3, 4 or more robots. The robots are equipped with specially designed grippers for optimal handling of the plants.

Based on the type of plug and specifications of the plants, the grippers are designed for optimal handling and quality retention. 

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The advantages

Advantages of the ISO Grade 8000

  • Saves labour; the machine is able to plant up to 18.000 plugs per hour (with 3 robots)
  • Can easily be operated by one person
  • The plug can be placed directly into the full ground without doing any harm to the plug, the plant or the roots
  • Multiple varieties can be planted at the same time
  • Possibility to check and control the planted plugs
  • Possibility to adjust the plant pattern
  • Uniform planted plugs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to handle and to operate
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