ISO Group number 50 in Hillenraad100 and winner Wendbaarheidsprijs


Wendbaarheidsprijs 2022

On Friday November 4, the Hillenraad100 was announced in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag; the list of the hundred most leading companies in Dutch (greenhouse) horticulture. ISO can call itself the number 50 of the Hillenraad100 edition 2022. In addition, ISO received one of three theme awards; the Agility Award.

The Expert Committee of the Hillenraad100 praises the innovative power of ISO, the focus on industrial technology and the agility of the organization. From the jury report: “Innovation is at the heart of this company, which focuses on the automation of labour-intensive tasks within the international horticultural sector. The company from Gameren in Gelderland is always looking for ways to make industrial technology, such as robotics, 3D vision and AI, applicable in horticulture. The agility of this company relates to smart use of technology and scalability in production as well as geographical spread and diversity in different sectors.”

Wim van der Meyden, CEO of ISO Group BV: “Robots and camera systems emerged around the time ISO was founded. With this we developed our first automatic cutting machine. The delivery program now includes a number of different innovative cutting machines, all of which have vision, robots, grippers and artificial intelligence on board. ISO has traditionally been strong in floriculture. Many of the techniques that have been developed in recent years can also be used in vegetable cultivation, for example for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. We want to grow further in that. Hillenraad's appreciation certainly encourages us in this!

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