Winner GreenTech Innovation Award 2020



ISO Grade 8000 (Winner GreenTech Innovation Award 2020)

In the last (virtual) edition of the GreenTech in 2020, ISO was also nominated for the GreenTech Innovation Award.

The ISO Grade 8000 is the youngest sorting machine from ISO. The ISO Grade 8000 is also the best example of how the cooperation between the partners Robovision and ISO can lead to an innovative machine. The ISO Grade 8000 grades on the basis of a 3D image that is made of a young plant. The plant is assessed and analyzed on the basis of Robovisions artificial intelligence software and by using the ISO gripper techniques, the young plant is moved from the source tray to the target tray.

In the jury report, the jury particularly praised the collaboration between ISO and Robovision. By working together and strengthening each other, ISO has developed a machine that distinguishes itself from the existing segment of sorting machines.

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