Winner Technology of the Year Award 2018



ISO Cutting Planter 2500 (Winner Greenhouse Grower Technology of the Year Award 2018)

In 2018, the American Greenhouse Grower magazine created the Technology of the Year Award for the first time. The nominees and winners were announced at the Cultivate trade show in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

The Technology of the Year Award was added this year for the first time to the Greenhouse Grower's Medal of Excellence program, which is organized annually to reward growers and new plant varieties.

With the Technology of the Year Award, there is also room for suppliers to horticulture who are honoured for innovative and groundbreaking technologies.

The special thing about this award is that the nominees and the winner are not determined by a jury, but by the growers. This makes the award special because the grower himself indicates which innovation will really help him and change the industry.

Greenhouse Grower magazine has asked growers through a survey and a poll which technology will change the market. The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 emerged as the winner. The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 makes it possible to insert young, unrooted cuttings fully automatically into a tray or pot. A task that until recently has always been a manual operation.

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