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The cooperation between ISO and Florensis with regards to the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 dates back to 2015. During that period, the wishes and requirements that the cutting plug, as the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 is called at Florensis, should meet for a long time . There is particular talk about speeds and quality of planting.

What other customers say

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Labour savings and higher plant quality

The aim of the cutting cutter was not only to save labour but also to achieve higher plant quality and uniform cuttings. ISO therefore set to work together with Florensis. Especially with picking up the cutting and being able to put it away without damage to stem or plant.

What ISO is noticing in the market is that not only there is a search for more operational reliability with regards to the costs of cutting cuttings, but that the quality of plants is also increasingly being looked at. A good spot is of great importance. A visible stem and uniform cuttings ensure optimum efficiency of the cutting plug.


In the first cutting season, Florensis and ISO therefore jointly looked for the ideal combination of cutting and plant handling for the machine.

Thanks to this good cooperation, it is currently possible to achieve speeds in excess of 2,500 cuttings per hour. With these numbers and uniform cuttings, the machines can be recouped within a very short time on labour alone, even apart from the quality improvement.

For that reason, Florensis started at the end of 2016 with 5 cutting plugs that have been fully involved in the production process in recent months. 2 employees walk around the plugs for the control, logistics and operation of the machines. With this, 2 people stick an average of 11,000 to 12,000 cuttings per hour.

Ease of operation

"We see that if you enjoy fine-tuning the software with the cuttings, then cuttings suddenly become a very fun and challenging activity. You see immediate results.

For each variety, things such as cutting depth and offset can be determined to ensure that each cutting can be inserted in the best way and as uniformly as possible for them.”

High-quality cutting material

Here too, good and uniform cutting material is the basis for optimal settings of the cutting plug. Even with the self-learning software in the machine, good cutting material remains the basis for the success of the machine.

In terms of cultivation results, Florensis sees improvements, especially with small cuttings, compared to old-fashioned manual cuttings.


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