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The cooperation between ISO and Kwekerij Waalzicht started in mid-2017 with regards to the ISO Robot Plug Planting machine. ISO and Kwekerij Waalzicht have known each other for a long time because of Kwekerij Waalzicht's history as a chrysanthemum grower. Kwekerij Waalzicht has been planting chrysanthemums with the RoBoPlant for years. After they switched to lisianthus, Kwekerij Waalzicht wanted to be able to plant lisianthus automatically with an ISO machine. It was particularly important to improve working conditions and the speed and quality of planting.

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Working conditions

In the six months that the ISO Robot Plug Planter has been running, it has now planted more than 14 million plugs. Working in a greenhouse under the temperatures used in a lisianthus greenhouse is no fun. The demand for an automatic planting machine therefore came in, after Jan van Wijk of Nursery Waalzicht had switched from chrysanthemums to lisianthus.

“The machine works great and the entire process went without any problems. It was important that the machine is not difficult to operate and that the machine does not cause damage to the plug and plant. The machine has been designed in such a way that it can easily be used within an existing nursery. The reason for purchasing the machine and developing the machine was not only labour savings, but also a higher plant quality. With the new gripper technology and smart sensors, the plants are neatly planted within the meshes without damaging the plug, plant or roots,” says Jan van Wijk of Nursery Waalzicht.

Gripper technique

Ease of operation

“The machine can be easily operated with one person without that person having to work hard. It even makes working in the warm greenhouse a very relaxed activity. There is sufficient time and space to check the machine and keep it working. It is possible to plant a complete canopy without having to drive back to the central aisle and with 18,000 plugs per hour, the 100-metre canopy is full very fast.”

Unique gripper technique

The ISO Plug Planting machine is unique not only in the use of robot arms that plant in the greenhouse, but precisely in the gripper technology. This gripper technique ensures that plants are planted neatly, at depth and without consequential damage. Something the sector has already seen. “We are therefore pleased that we can build another 5 machines in the coming six months,” says Wim van der Meijden, who is pleased that the ISO Robot Plug Planting machine is truly an innovation that the entire lisianthus sector will enjoy a lot. .


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