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Since January 2016 Metrolina has the ability to stick cuttings automatically.
And not just any cuttings, but the smallest, thinnest and toughest to stick, like Bacopa, Angelonia, Petunia and Calibrachoa.

What other customers say

Curious for what other customers have to say about us?

Below you will find a nice YouTube movie of the ISO Cutting Planter in action.


Speed and quality

Up to about 2,000 tiny cuttings per hour, with 'very good' accuracy (an experienced employee can stick 800 per hour on average). The robot which is manufactured by ISO, is developing the machine so it can handle all sorts of cuttings with several sizes.

For now ISO has solutions for Potmums, Chrysanthemums, Anthuriums and Schlumbergera but still working on all other kind of varieties and crops. The machine has the ability to learn the crops by itself and is able to ‘see’ the stem when it has been learned in the right way.

Metrolina is very satisfied about the possibilities of the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 and ordered another 4 machines to add to the current machine which gives Metrolina the opportunity to stick 10,000 cuttings per hour.

It is not only the saving of labour why Metrolina invests in the ISO Cutting Planter 2500, it is also the quality of the cuttings which has improved while sticking automatically. Because of the identical stitch depth and the innovative way ISO sticks the cuttings into the ground, the cuttings have a more equal growth, are able to grow more equally and the rooting of the cuttings is much better when sticked with the right stitch depth.

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