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Cut flowers

With regards to cut flowers, ISO is a well known name in the chrysanthemum industry since 2002. That year ISO developed the RoBoPlant that makes it possible to plant young chrysanthemum plants on a soil block into the full ground. With the ISO Flower Buffer we developed a solution to help the workers with packing flowers.

Since 2018 ISO is also known for its ISO Robot Plug Planting machine. This machine is mostly used in the Lisianthus industry to plant young plant plugs into the full ground.

In 2019 ISO introduced a new machine to the tulip industry. This machine helps the tulip grower to automate the planting of tulip bulbs.

The well known cutting planter for chrysanthemum cuttings, the ISO Cutting Planter 4000, can be called a legend in the machinery in the horticultural industry.


Cut flowers

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